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Brand New
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$799.00 – $3,468.00 

CALL FOR SHIPPING RATES - 1-662-624-2103  

Introducing the Mod Squad!

ON SALE - $3468.00 - 4 PIECE ORDER

Our new Modular units can be purchased as a 4-piece set – the Mod Squad -or individually, allowing you to create the custom sewing studio you’ve wished for.


The units include (shown from left to right in this photo):
  • Mod Thread Caddy # 2031
  • Mod Sewing Cabinet # 2011
  • Mod Corner Cabinet # 2021
  • Mod 5 Drawer Storage Cabinet # 2041

Grouped together, the 4 pieces of our modular line allow for an “L” shape configuration, utilizing that often overlooked corner space and leaving the center of your room open.  If you don’t want to line your units along the wall, pull them apart and place them in your room wherever you need them. Each unit is 23″ deep and 30″ tall, so they line up perfectly.

You can purchase all 4 - pieces or individual pieces:
Individual Pieces Below:
#2011 MOD CABINET - ONLY - $999.00
The # 2011 Sewing Cabinet features an airlift mechanism to move your sewing
machine/serger up and down into three positions (freearm, flatbed & storage).
The lift will support a 55# sewing machine and the opening is 24” w x 12” d.
The retractable hinged pocket door slides in and out of a side pocket saving
space. A tape measure on the front top panel will allow for quick measurements
and 2 adjustable height shelves will allow for storage. Place the wood
cover (included) over the sewing well when your sewing machine is in the storage
position and the top becomes a flush surface for other projects.
Dimensions:38‐1/2” w x 23” d x 30” t /Shelf: 6” w x 14.5” d

#2021 Mod Corner Cabinet - ONLY - $799.00
The # 2021 Corner Cabinet features a manual 2‐position mechanism to move
your sewing machine/serger up and down into freearm or flatbed position. The
lift will support a 45# sewing machine and the opening is 24” w x 12” d. The
unique shape of our Corner Cabinet allows it to fit the radius corner of your
room. The sewing well is positioned to the front of the unit allowing for ample
space behind the machine to support fabric. Place the wood cover (included)
over the sewing well after removing your machine and the top becomes a flush
surface to use as a desk.
Dimensions: 46‐1/2” right to left corner x 39” d x 30” t

#2031 Mod Thread Caddy  - ONLY - $999.00
The # 2031 Thread Caddy will come with 4 fabric baskets to place all your fabric
and notions in and 3 pull out thread/spool holders holding countless spools.
Place your thread in the racks in a color coordinated fashion, by size, by brand,
or by material…..the options are endless!
Dimensions:29‐1/2” w x 23” d x 30” t

#2041 Mod 5 Drawer   - ONLY - $799.00
The # 2041 /5 Drawer Caddy will come with 5 drawers to store all your sewing
and crafting fabric and notions in.
Dimensions: 29‐5/8” w x 23” d x 30” t
Drawers (5): 25‐1/4” w x 16‐1/4” d x 3” t


Mod Squad ALL 4-Pieces  - ON SALE - $3468.00
Grouped together the 4-Piece Modular Line allows for an “L” shape configuration
lining a wall and corner taking up the least amount of floor space in a room. You can
buy the units you need and place them to fit your room and your desires.












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