Singer Serger

Singer serger machines trim as well as finish fabric edges while sewing the seams. Singer serger machines are available at Furniss Sewing in order to complement your sewing machine, so that you may be able to complete the necessary sewing requirements while saving a lot of valuable time. After all, all of us want to complete our work at the shortest possible time while still maintaining a certain degree of quality that is to the envy of some. Singer Sewing Co. provides this, thanks to its sergers of very high quality, and also due to its name - Singer. For many years until the present age, the brand name of Singer has always been synonymous with sewing. It was in the year 1850 that Isaac Merritt Singer completed the world's first practical sewing machine, after only eleven days of inventing and constructing. About a year later, Mr. Singer formed I.M. Singer and Co., selling his sewing machines. Since then, the Singer Co. has never looked back and they came to be known as the world's largest sewing company. As time passed, the quality of Singer's sewing machines and products improved through the years. Today, the quality of their products is still unsurpassed and is still the world's choice in sewing needs.

Furniss Sewing offers two different Singer serger machines for sale - the UltraLock 14SH654 and the QuantumLock 14T967DC. The UltraLock has a bunch of different features that allow you to sew, trim, and overcast all in one operation done by one machine that is about twice as fast as your ordinary sewing machine. It features 3/4 thread capacity with adjustable stitch width and length. To make it easier on you, it comes with a color-coded threading feature so that threading is virtually a cinch. The UltraLock is capable of performing 1300 stitches per minute which makes it a machine ideal for those who need to finish their work in as little time as possible. This machine has great features so be sure to buy it and contact us if you have any questions with regard to this machine. Another Singer serger machine being offered by Furniss Sewing is the QuantumLock. It comes with a fully automatic self adjusting tension system along with a 2/3/4/5 thread adaptability. Like the UltraLock, it can sew at 1300 stitches per minute and can trim and overcast at the same time as well. There are special sewing effects you can accomplish with the QuantumLock for decorative stitching purposes. Check out these Singer serger machines at Furniss Sewing.

These Singer serger machines are guaranteed to have supreme quality; quality that can be found only in the world's leading brand of sewing products. With its rich history and continued sustenance of its products and the name itself, Singer Co. is an institution that can be trusted and is sure to give their customers only the best products and services. Our sergers made by Singer are offered to our customers at the lowest prices possible, since we believe in getting great quality at very low and affordable costs. The QuantumLock, with all its features discussed above, sells for a special price of only $599, while the UltraLock is offered for the low price of only $194. Only at Furniss Sewing can you find these Singer brand sergers of the highest quality for prices like these, not anywhere else. We guarantee to give our customers only the best service - friendly customer relations and speedy shipping. With our founders being Singer dealers for over 50 years, Furniss Sewing is sure to select the best of the lot of the products being offered. Contact us at the soonest time possible and you can and be one of the many to avail of our many discounted deals, especially on our Singer products.