Singer Quantum

Singer Quantum sewing machines is a series of machines with some of the most advanced computer technology available for your embroidery requirements. Singer Quantum machines as well as other Singer products are available at very reasonable prices here at Furniss Sewing. There are quite a number of Quantum products, all of them computerized sewing machines that are guaranteed to make your sewing life easier. Our Quantum products come with many different stitch programs and patterns for the best use for a specific type of cloth, since using the right stitch on the right cloth type is achieving something close to perfection when it comes to sewing. Aside from the Quantum series, there is a more advanced series by Quantum, and this is the Quantum XL series. They have more additional features than the normal Quantum series, but are still user-friendly and not difficult to use. Whatever model you select, the Quantum models are designed using the latest technology and perform their functions using the latest technology too. In using the Quantum sewing machines, you will be able to do a lot of stitching, sewing, and home embroidering with a lesser amount of effort and a lesser amount of time as well.

The latest offering of the Singer Quantum series of computerized sewing machines is the Quantum XL-6000. This machine is the works. Professional quality is no longer a dream, but a real goal to look forward to when you use this piece of equipment. It is so advanced that other sewing machines, even if they are computerized sewing machines also, would pale in comparison to the Singer Quantum XL-6000. The XL-6000 has all the features of its predecessor, the XL-5000, and a lot more additions, such as being upgradeable, having improvements in its Auto Thread Exchanger, language capability for seven different languages, etc. The Singer Quantum XL-6000 has such an advanced design and numerous capabilities that you have to see it and try it in order to believe it. This is not to say that the predecessors of the Quantum XL-6000 are lesser comparisons; in fact, without these predecessors, the Quantum XL-6000 would not have been created the way it has been. It is due to the other models of the XL series, as well as the regular Quantum series, that the XL-6000 was made, thanks to their possible improvements. Singer is all about improving the quality of its wide array of products.

Both types of Singer Quantum series are offered to you at very low and affordable prices at Furniss Sewing. The lowest offering of the Quantum 9900 series is the Quantum 9910, with a guaranteed low price of only $499. The pinnacle of computerized sewing machines and the current benchmark for all other future products of the same kind, the Quantum XL-6000, sells for $2999. It is with us at Furniss Sewing that these prices are guaranteed to be the lowest, since we value customer satisfaction. These Singer sewing machines are well worth your money, as your sewing jobs will be accomplished in very little time, with very good quality rivaling that of professional embroiders. Thanks to the different stitch programs and designs built in with the Quantum sewing machines, sewing is no longer a task that requires a great deal of effort. If by some reason you are not satisfied, we have a 30-day money back guarantee and a return for refund minus shipping costs. Your satisfaction and opinion greatly matters to us. The name Singer is a trustworthy name in the world of sewing machines, as it is the leader; therefore its quality is unmatched. Get your Quantum sewing machine from Furniss Sewing now!