Singer Futura

Singer Futura sewing machines are available at Furniss Sewing for all your home embroidery needs. Singer Futura comes in two models - the CE150, and the Singer Quantum Futura CE250. The Futura models are so aptly named due to their unique look. They don't look like they are your typical sewing machines; they look like they came from the future. Their functions too are not that of your typical sewing machine. The Futura sewing machines are computerized sewing machines with seemingly unlimited potential for your sewing needs. They come with at least Windows 98 compatible software, with options for add-on software that would be of a major benefit to you. A lot of different built-in stitch patterns and functions will get you to be creative and at the same time make the work easier for you. It's as simple as pressing a button. With the Futura models, you don't need to buy a new sewing machine when there are new ones out in the market, since you only need to upgrade the software in order to match the performance of the new machines. A Futura sewing machine can be your sewing partner for the rest of your life; it has the capability to do so.

Singer Futura computerized sewing machines are more than what computerized sewing machines are known to be. The Futura models are the "smart" sewing machines, capable of doing many tasks you require in sewing and home embroidery. Both the CE150 and the CE250 offer one-touch pattern selection and come with a tutorial for those who are not as good with computers. From your computer, the Singer Futura models can receive designs onto the machine, giving you your custom design aside from those already stored in the machine itself. We at Furniss Sewing not only offer the machines themselves, but also the different software to install and load in your own Singer Futura. Add-on software for both models available are the Hyper-font, Photo-stitch, and Cross-stitch. The Hyper-font converts all kinds of True-Type fonts into embroidery; the Photo-stitch converts images into embroidery; the Cross-stitch makes embroidery appear like cross-stitch done by hand. These are just some of the software we have on sale for both models. Be sure to check us out at Furniss Sewing for more software, for the CE150 model and the CE250 model. Your embroidery designs will never look better with the usage of the Futura models we have in store for you.

Furniss Sewing is guaranteed to sell the Singer Futura sewing machines at the lowest price possible, including the additional accessories and software. The various kinds of software for this particular computerized sewing machine sell up to as low as $199. The suggested retail price for the Quantum Futura CE250 is $1099, but here at Furniss Sewing, we cut $200 off that price to bring it down to the low, low price of $899. Not bad for a machine of the CE250's capabilities. The Futura CE150 sells for $595 only. You can certainly count on the name of Singer when it comes to sewing machines. They are the world's leaders in that area. We at Furniss Sewing are also reliable, especially when it comes to Singer machines, as our family members have been involved in dealing Singer machines for over 50 years, since 1951 in fact. Customer satisfaction is our philosophy and end goal, which is why we value our service and the way we treat our customers. We expect ourselves to respect our customers and their views, as well as be prompt and speedy when it comes to deliveries, calls, and other customer dealings. Purchase your new Futura machine with us today!